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What is Cute AF?

You are, Babes!  And if you truly don't believe that, PLEASE go read 'The Cutie Daily in 'The Cutie Booty Magazine' then come back here.  You'll thank us later.  Promise.  If that's too much, check out our Mother company 'Cutie Booty Media'.  Mama's Mission is to help Women 'Feel Cute' and helping Women feel 'Cute AF' with their fashion will help Mama accomplish that.  

Fashion Portrait Black Woman in Pink stylish jacket. Pink Makeup curly hair and braids. Lu

What does 'AF'mean?

'AF' means 'As Fuck.'  It's a type of measurement.  A modern day assessment of 'cuteness' and in this case we're talking self-awareness and self-expression.  Women who ARE or WISH TO be, feel and of course LOOK Cute AF. will understand.  The level of 'Cute' we're talking about is beyond comprehension. It's mind blowing.  It gives you pause.  It's a conversation.  It shifts cultures, moods, and moments.  It requires an intense platform to adequately express its reasoning; and the term 'AF' accomplishes this exceptionally.  The Cuties get it.  As soon as they see 'Cute AF.' you won't even have to tell them what it means. They already know. See for yourself.  Wear one of our jackets, shirts, hats, etc and pay attention to who catches it.  Those are the Cuties.  That's the Women we're here to serve. That's the Women that make SERVING exciting!

check us out in the!

Fashion Portrait Black Woman in Pink stylish jacket. Fashion Makeup curly hair and braids.

Cute AF. is HERE!

"I retired the name 'The Cutie Booty Boutique' and chose 'Cute AF' to represent our new brand because it supports the 'Feel Cute' Mission of Cutie Booty Media.  I also wanted to be more intentional. This is my 3rd shot at this which is good because EVERY TIME I give it another go, I learn something valuable.  The last time I launched, I just threw the boutique together.  I was more concerned with the act of opening a boutique than I was about creating something that could really help Women 'Feel Cute.'.  I wasn't intentional about any part of it...I just wanted to open a boutique.  I got sales (thank you Cuties!) but they weren't consistent.  I had to take some time off and research why I wanted to do this.  Long story short, I'm going to try this again but this timeit's me in these pieces.  These are pieces I would personally wear myself not what I think ya'll want to wear.  I can't guess what you guys want to wear; but I KNOW what I LOVE wearing and I want to share that with ya'll!  Anyway, stay tuned!  I'm coming all the way correct this time, ya'll.  Stay TF Tuned..."   ~Sani, CEO of Cutie Booty Media nd the Creator of TheCute AF.

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